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ASI's Favorite Products from Food Channel's "Top 10 Snack Trends of 2010"
Wednesday, September 8, 2010
    The Food Channel recently posted "The top 10 Snack Trends of 2010" on its website.  This trend report can offer valuable insight to vending operators about the changing appetites of their customers.  Feed the demand, and watch your products fly off your spirals!  Of course, the top 10 report will not apply perfectly to every local market or type of location.  We trust that you as the operator know your customer enough to gauge whether or not the items on this list might appeal to them.

Since we at Automated Services love to eat and snack, we inevitably have a few opinions about the specific products in each of the "Top 10" list that would get our hearts racing and and our hands reaching for our wallets.  Be sure to read through to the end to see how ASI can help you
Ride the Trend Wave!

1. Chips and Dip: New Textures & Flavors

        *Stacey's, "Naked Baked Pita Chips" 
        *Hungry Sultan, "Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus"

2.  Mini-Meals

        *Our Favorite is the McDonals's Chicken Snack Wrap, 
        but you'll have to find a different version for the 
        vending machine!     

3. Drinks: All natural Sodas, Teas, Energy Drinks, 
    and Enhanced Waters

        *Steaz, "Zero-Calorie Sparkling Green Tea and 
        Antioxident Drink" Raspberry, Black Cherry, 
        or Blueberry Pomegranate flavors
Seasoned Nuts with Fruit & Other Munchies

        *Sahale, "Valdosta Blend": Pecans with Sweet 
        Cranberries, Black Pepper, and Orange Zest  

5. Fruit With Nothing Added: Fresh, Dried, or Freeze-Dried

        *Stretch Island Fruit Leather in any flavor
        *Mountain House Organic Freeze-Dried Apples

6. All-Natural Dessert and Meal Bars
        *Lara Bar, "Jocalat: Chocolate Cherry" flavor
        *Cliff Bar, "Spiced Pumkin Pie" flavor
        *Gnu Bar, "Cinnamon Raison" flavor

7.  Sweet 'N Salty Combinations  

        *Nutella, "Chocolate Hazlenut Spread Single Pack"
        *Snyder's,  "Organic Line" pretzels.  
        *Wendy's, chocolate frosty with fries dipped in...
        don't hold it against me. 

8. Yogurt: Greek Style and/or With Added Probiotics 
    & Antioxidents

        *Chobani, "Non-Fat Greek Yogurt - Honey" flavor

9.  Bold Flavors

         *Frito-Lay, "Baked Flamin' Hot Cheetos"

10.  Nostalgic 

         *Hostess, "Cinnamon Coffee Cake 100-calorie pack"

Automated Services Can Help You Take Advantage of These Trends and  Offer the Premium Snacks Consumers Demand

We offer terrific deals on snack, chilled snack, cold food, and drink machines.  Save money by purchasing used, instead of new, equipment. 
Then upgrade your inventory to include these premium, organic, & local snacks.  
Ask us about custom skins to attract attention and showcase your product offerings.

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